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Reactivate Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary practice, offering a range of services to treat and improve the function of your body. Our goal is to rehabilitate your injuries and enhance your physical condition, so you may return to your sports and hobbies as soon as possible.

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Each clinicians goal is to get you back to what you love doing as quickly as possible. No patient, injury or journey to recovery is the same and we want to help you find the path that provides you, as an individual, with the best results. 

Whether you are coming to one of our clinics for physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation or pilates you can expect the same professional and effective treatment from each clinician.

We work closely with orthopaedic consultants, we can arrange onwards referrals for scans and work with all leading healthcare providers.



With Reactivate Physiotherapy's extensive experience and emphasis on patient care we aim to leave you with a diagnosis and treatment plan after your initial assessment so you can return to pain free movement. 

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Our team of sports therapists use a range of manual therapy techniques alongside strengthening and mobility work so you can return to your sport as quickly as possible. We work with a range of athletes from elite sportsmen/women to those that enjoy the occaional workout. 


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Deep tissue massage has a proven role in preventing injuries and allowing your body to recover from DOM's after exercise. We work to release all aches and pains whether they are post workout fatigue or from tension and stress everyone needs a deep tissue massage from time to time.

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Pilates is is proven to be the most effective form of long term back pain management. It also aids in injury prevention and maintenance, improved balance and improved mental wellbeing. We offer private clinical pilates sessions and a video library of classes.

What Clients Say...

"Reactivate keep me active, injury free and are always on hand to offer advice and support. 

If I pick up an injury I know Reactivate will get me back on track."

- Scott Heffield

PT instructor with the Royal Marines and Bear Grylls' safety team

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Hampshire, Uk

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