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Our online platform welcomes anyone who wants to improve their strength, mobility and get a deeper understanding of how their body works. By joining us online it means you can make the most of movement anywhere and anytime, our membership provides the same intimate feel to small group classes but from the privacy of your own home 


Join our online membership for just £10 a month, It includes:


  • An extensive video library 

  • Access anytime, anywhere

  • 14 day free trial 

  • Cancel anytime and have access until the end of your subscription


Evolve your practice with signature classes focusing on the whole body, sculpt sessions focused on a specific area and technique to help you set up positions correctly, these are all under 30min session.

We also have some recorded zoom classes if you would like a longer class.


Frequently asked questions

Will I need equipment?

Do I need any Pilates experience?

How do I cancel my subscription?

Does my subscription auto renew?

"I’ve taken to topping up my once a week pilates class with a couple of zoomies. Soooo easy! Just a short step from the sofa (historically always my challenge when getting up and out the door to do exercise!), travel-saving, time-saving…and still with Carys in the ‘room’ guiding and attending to us with the usual care and enthusiasm. Doing more than just one class a week hits the spot for me, I deffo feel less creaky, stronger, more flexible…and just more ‘with it’ both physically and mentally. Never thought I’d have been the sort to do virtual exercise classes, but with the zooms, pre-records and vast array of workout options in the members library I’m an absolute convert!"


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