Physiotherapy is an allied health treatment comprising of physical methods, used to restore movement and function following an injury, illness or disability. Here at Reactivate Physiotherapy Ltd, we focus on the sub-speciality of Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy. This involves all the bones, joints and soft tissue in your body, and can cover anything from Post-Operative and Sporting injury, to back aches from desk work and everything in between. We also deal with injury prevention, and advice for returning to sport.

Ensuring that you know what has happened - and why - is key to our treatment, in addition to our hands-on approach to get you back to fitness, and your sport or occupation as quickly as possible.

We have a variety of treatment approaches which includes manual therapy as well incorporating other elements such as exercise, advice and muscle stimulation to ensure that your progress is maintained.

If we are not able to get the therapeutic response or feel that physiotherapy will not benefit you in the short term, we will refer you back to your GP for further investigation. We may also make suggestions on a referral to a specific consultant.

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