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What you need to know about pilates and why we know you'll love it!

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A whole body approach to fitness and wellbeing, for both your body and mind.

Have you heard you're friends rave about how amazing pilates is but you're in the dark about what it actually is and how it's different to a normal fitness class? We are here to enlighten you and make it your new favourite workout.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise with the aim to provide a whole body workout and get those deep muscles that you weren't even aware you had working. The practice relies on both gravity, body weight and exploring different ranges of movement to build endurance and a harmonious relationship between both your local and superficial muscles groups. Pilates is typically known for it's unique quality of both mind and body connection throughout exercises without the spiritual aspect typically found within yoga practice. One of the key aspects of pilates is helping you build on your body awareness during exercises to help master control and precision, two of the five key elements created by Joesph Pilates. These fit closely along side concentration, breathing and flow.

As Hollywood celebrities discovered pilates, the practice of pilates soared to popularity in the 1980's when media started to extensively cover it. Since then pilates has become known for its innate quality to provide general body toning, with a large focus on abdominal work.... however pilates is so much more than this!

What are the benefits of pilates?

The workout aims to build on strength, mobility and a better understanding of how your body works, so you can start to iron out imbalances created from daily life activities and your biomechanics. This provides a whole new understanding of the practice so it transforms from just an hour on the mat, to a more functional way of moving. Pilates enables everyone from all walks of life, ability and age to move better and feel better, from both the amateur to the professional athlete or as someone new to exercise, it provides something for everyone.

Pilates can be used as both a rehabilitation tool within a private setting, to a long term preventative measure through regular classes, both online or in person, meaning you have long term support. Through regular practice with a highly trained instructor you will start to see differences to your posture, balance, range of movement and strength.

If you would like to get first hand experience of how pilates can help you, book in to a free zoom class through our website with the code 'FIRSTCLASSFREE' today and have a go!

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