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New year new exercise?

New year New Exercise?

We all know the best time to start something new is at the start of the new year, after we've eaten our body weight in pigs in blankets and drunk enough wine to fill the nile.

New year's resolutions come in different shapes and sizes but one always stands out and that is to become more active.

Finding the right form of exercise to become more active can be just as challenging as sticking to the commitment. If you are struggling to find what exercise you enjoy the most, the best advice we give is to try as many as you can! We want to help by giving you 7 different forms of exercise.

Going to the gym:

The gym is one of the best places to start if you are looking to get active. Firstly, there is a huge variety of machines, so no matter what your goals are, the equipment to help you reach them will be there. Secondly, you have access to a wide range of Personal trainers who are there to help you, whether it's learning a new technique, improving form or having 1:1 sessions they will be able to help. The majority of gyms put on group classes, these classes can range from HIIT, Body combat, legs bums and tums and many more. These can be very challenging but also lots of fun!


You all know our opinion on pilates and how strongly we believe in it. As a new activity it would be excellent for those looking to improve their core, posture, strength and overall well being. If you are new to pilates then we advise getting some 1:1 sessions first. The reason behind this is because the movements involved within pilates are very specific and performing them correctly may require more attention than you will get through an online class or even a class with high numbers.


Cycling is beneficial in many ways, it improves cardio, helps with weight loss, builds lower limb strength. It can be easy to fit into your busy schedule by cycling to and from work. There are many cycling clubs around who are always welcoming more members. This can be a great incentive to start a new activity. Some clubs do weekly challenges, annual races and trips abroad.


One of the best forms of exercise in our opinion, have you ever heard of runners high? There is no better feeling. It gets you outdoors (unless you want to use a treadmill of course) and in the fresh air. Now we don't expect you to run a marathon so we advise you start with a 1k run at a slow and steady pace and progress from there.

Ps. Please don't forget to stretch afterwards.


The easiest and most cost effective way to get active in 2024. All you need is an umbrella in this shocking weather. Excellent for weight loss, improving cardiovascular and respiratory fitness we cannot recommend walking enough. Also, there are some beautiful country parks around for you to enjoy. We'd advise wearing comfortable shoes if you're walking longer distances.


Swimming is an excellent option for anyone looking to get active in 2024 for a number of reasons. The biggest pro to swimming is that it works your entire body and burns a shed load of calories. Therefore it will help you whether you're looking to lose weight, tone your muscles or improve your cardio. It will also work your respiratory system as you have to hold your breath whilst swimming. Swimming is an excellent option if you have injuries, disability or arthritis as there is no weight bearing or impact on your joints.

Trying a new sport:

Whether you want to get active, meet new people or try something new because you can, it gives you the opportunity to do all three at the same time. No matter what your age, weight, gender, star sign or dogs name there is a sport out there for you. Some sports we recommend: cricket, football, walking football, badminton, tennis, squash.

Finally, like we said earlier, there is an activity out there for everyone whether it be a competitive team sport, a game of squash, a cycle ride or even a leisurely stroll in the park. We hope you have enjoyed reading this and would love to hear about what activities you decided to try. 

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