What to expect


- You may be asked to remove items of clothing if needed to allow appropriate access to the area to be treated.


- At your initial assessment, we will discuss the problems you are experiencing, including any relevant past treatment and medical history. Please bring along any relevant Reports or GP/Specialist letters that you have.

- We will then perform a thorough objective assessment, where we aim to provide you with a diagnosis for your injury as quickly as possible.

- Following this, we will then discuss a realistic, individual and specific treatment plan; including information on the diagnosis, duration and frequency of treatment. We will also make you aware of our anticipated outcomes and answer any questions you may have at that time.

- We will encourage you to be proactive between sessions, and in some cases, prescribe home exercises to aid the rehabilitation process.  


- At the end of your treatment programme, we will ensure our combined efforts are sustained by providing you with a programme to help prevent injury recurrence.

- Each session is 30 minutes in duration unless we feel that longer is appropriate.


Due to updates in data policies, when booking an appointment with Reactivate Healthcare LTD you will now be asked for personal information such as: your full name, date of birth, contact number and email address, along with any insurance details that are needed. This enables us to easily book an appointment for yourself and to keep treatment notes to ensure continuity of care, Physiotherapist's also have a professional and legal obligation to keep an accurate record of their interaction with patients.